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Fully Support your Exploring in MYOKO

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"I want to come again." This is you will think. 

In our comfortable and homely space, we provide our guests with reasonable accommodation rates and meticulous service to relax your mind and body.




Myoko has everything.
​Feel them with your all five senses.

Snow and hot springs, forests on highlands.The Sea of Japan is just a short drive away.

Two peaks of 100 famous Japanese mountains next to each other. The lake is accessible within 15 minutes.

Yes, also here has a clear stream. Myoko is a dream destination for city dwellers. It is full of elements and charm. We hope that everyone will enjoy Myoko, which we love, and what a peaceful place here is.

Experience the wonderland of YUKI country.
Beauty that fills everything with White, White, White.

The scenery become completely different from yesterday by snow. It is like a magic.

Myoko is one of heaviest snowfall areas in Japan.

You will be surprised when you experience this heavy snow for the first time.

Fore Sure, that would make you smile.

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Myoko IS training camp village,
​Many athletes trains themselves.

We support athletes coming to Myoko City. Full support such as an all-weather track and field stadium, a training arena, a trail course at an altitude of 1,300M , and road signs warning runners running. Especially Suginosawa, in which is located at an altitude of 750M, is not too warm even in summer and is ideal for training environment.




2024-25 winter season booking starts from November 2023

August 20, 2023

 Our homepage is released.

May 10, 2021


​Simple is comfortable.

Enjoy a comfortable stay in our simple and modern rooms. Check out our rooms and facilities below.



Please feel free to contact us,

to make a reservation for your stay.

TEL: 0255-86-6117

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